When copying a prototype from one page to another it breaks all interactions

I want to copy a prototype from one page to another (in the same file) but it keeps losing all prototype interactions.

I’ve read that if you have the prototype tab open when copying it over it should resolve the issue but this also doesn’t work for me.

I’ve also tried selecting each interaction when copying but I get the same result.

Duplicating the page works but this seems very arduous especially if you have other prototype visuals on that page.

Does anyone have a fix for this?.. HELP


A couple things you might want to check out…

I noticed that the starting frame thingy is not retained in the destination page (the one you paste the content into) - so you have to go in the right side and select it from the drop down or there will be no starting frame. Make sure you click outside the stuff in the page (on the background area) so that setting will appear in that right hand column.

Then also with regard to getting the content into the other page…

I’m not sure if I’m doing it the same as you or not but if I …

  1. Open the prototype tab (source page)
  2. Select everything in the page
  3. Press Ctrl + D (duplicate)
  4. Press Ctrl + X (cut)
  5. Move to page I want to put the contents into
  6. Press Ctrl + V (paste)

That works for me.

Note: I have not tried it with just a portion of a prototype (only the whole thing). Perhaps it would not work if all the links are not selected (ie: some links extending outside the selected part and connecting to other stuff in the page). I don’t really know. But for the entire thing the steps outlined above have been working for me.

Was done in the online Figma (not tried in any desktop app of it)


I’ve tried this in both the Desktop app and in web browser and I still lose a ton of Interactions.


Select all frames with the interactions you want, right click, move to page.
it not copying but its something


Here’s a workaround — while in Prototype mode, copy the prototype and paste it into a brand new or different file. Then copy it again while in the new file and paste back into a different page in the original file. All your interactions will be preserved.


Thanks for sharing @Shlomi1 Big time saver!

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Or just duplicate the page, then all the interaction will duplicate with the new page, nothing loose. copy not worked for me!



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Yeah, this problem is even more annoying now that you can’t really duplicate pages once reaching more than 3. Please, address this bug.

yes, this hack works indeed, and for the sake of having a bunch of frames pasted weirdly on top of others, I group them before moving into another page, so it’s easier to move them around without disturbing anything. Thanks! :pray:

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Works!!! Thank you!!!

Try this step:

  1. Select all frame that you want to move
  2. Group all of your selection
  3. Paste to the page / file that you want

all the interaction will be able to remain the same. I hope it will be helpful!

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I was really hoping this would be addressed in the smoother copy/paste additions released recently. So far, I have not seen it listed nor experienced the ability to reliably bring over the prototype interactions from one page in a file to another file.

Thank you sooo much. It saved my day :star_struck:

Not sure if someone actually wrote a method that works but I have a pretty easy one.

  1. Select all of the frames that you wish to copy (doesn’t matter if you are in prototype mode)

  2. Hold down ‘ALT’ and drag a copy to a blank area on your canvas

  3. Right click on your copy and choose ‘Move to page’ and select the page you want.

Should be even easier - but this is quite easy.


@David_Flynn Did you end up solving your issue?

Had this problem recently and discovered that it’s very bad practice to prototype master components because they don’t retain their interactions when you copy and paste.

Instead you should always use instances or frames for your interactions and keep your masters separate from the prototype.

Hope this helps! (Great last name btw!)

Perfect, It works! :partying_face:

Mate, you have no idea how many hours you just saved me. This is brilliant and works exactly how I needed it to! Allow me to turn what you said in a sentence into points so others can scan it quickly when reading this thread:

  1. While in prototype mode (not present mode) do cmd+A cmd+C
  2. Create a new file (not a page in the same document)
  3. Paste everything there
  4. Copy everything from the new file in prototype mode (just like you did in step 1)
  5. Go back to the original file and create a new page
  6. Paste and enjoy the bliss of having retained all of the connections

This works so well for when you have to do multi-lingual prototypes.

Thanks choom!


So this method does work for the prototype links, however it used to retain the Flow Starting Points and now it doesn’t is there a method that will retain my flow starting points? Please help.

If you want to copy all art board + links in components (eg menu, footer)

  • unpulish design library if connected
  • move components to same page as the artboard you wish to move
  • cmd + A, cmd + C
  • cmd + V in desired file

then all your link including components links should be preserved + flow points