What happened to Variants / Component set?

After the last update, working with Variants has become almost impossible.
When I select the component set, I can see all properties. But when I select an individual component, I only see one property.
Also, selecting multiple components to set e.g. size property is also not possible.


Can you post screenshot how the variants are named in the layer panel?


Now, I could select all components, right click → Rename and add “State=Default” (and then Rename them to Hover / Clicked respectively). But that is “old shool” and time consuming.

Oh, I think I see the problem. I didn’t add variant property. I thought the new options only where Boolean, Swap and Text.


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Interesting. Glad you figured it out.

I only used the old school layer naming defining the props earlier. I might need to go through all component variants now and see if they aren’t assigned with the “Variant” property as well.

Thanks for sharing!

as a beginner i can see two things
first, in your first screenshot there is a little ! icon next to the State property, this says when you hover that this property is not used in any variant


Second, the new text and boolean properties work in a totally different way and should be used in a different way from variant properties, more here in the new article : https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/5579474826519