Weird prototype option in design tab?

While working, suddenly my file started showing prototype icon on design section. I tried closing and restarting but nothing helped.

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Same issue with my Figma files this morning. I just posted to Twitter and then saw your post.

Hey All,

Our engineering team confirmed that flow starting point(s) showing when the Design tab is selected is a new expected behavior.

At the moment, there no way to turn this setting off, but we’ll pass along your feedback to our prototyping team. This behavior is something we are working on improving and may change again in future.

For now, keep an eye on our Release Notes where we post all major updates!

This is on purpose? Sorry, there needs to be some sort of option to turn that off, that’s terrible, especially when you have multiple flow starting points on one page. It doesn’t really make sense to have it on the Design tab.

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Sorry for the trouble, @Todd_Coleman!

We appreciate the feedback. The prototyping team decided to revert the behavior for now. Please refresh, and you will no longer see the flow starting points.

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