Viewer-restricted members cannot edit using "anyone can edit" password

  1. I have created a Figma design file
  2. I have changed sharing settings to ‘Anyone with the link and password can edit’ an set a password.

People who are NOT a member of my team can edit - good.
People who ARE a member of my team and are set to viewer-restricted for Figma can NOT edit the design file, despite having the password and link.

I believe there is a bug in your access control logic that is using the Member-level access control (viewer-restricted) rather than the document-level access control (password to edit for ANYONE with the link).

Desired outcome:
Both members and non-members of my team (regardless of thier member billing status) should be able to edit a design file that is set to “Anyone with the link and password can edit” and use the correct password + authenticate as normal.

This bug has been acknowledged by Nancy on Figma’s Product Support team.

Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to the community.
I’ve gone and switched your topic as Share an Idea so others can vote up for your feature request.

For visibility for the community, as explained by Nancy, this is an expected behaviour. Here the detailed explanation:

The “Viewer-restricted” seat requires admin approval in order for a user to be able to edit any team files. So that said, this is currently expected behavior — even if a “Viewer-restricted” user had the file link and password, their team seat would override the file access level and they would need admin approval or a seat upgrade to edit this file.

On the other hand, since the external users do not yet have a design role set, they are able to access this file without any restriction.

Still, we can understand how this may not be ideal or might be confusing, so we have pass along your feedback to our product team. Thank you!