View branches hierarchically in the file list

When branching, a new file is created which is great.
The problem is that I we have multiple files in one project, it is hard to distinguish what branch belongs to what master file.

Could be cool to see the branches grouped together with the master.
Bu also to see them like “subfolders” of the master, indented (like a tree view).

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That makes me think…

My Design System, containing mainly foundation and components as different files, is built as one project, and the components-file collects the different components on one page each. If I now create a branch to work on one of those components, this branch impacts Master-Screens and User-Stories that are organised in multiple different Projects outside of the design-system project.

I guess it would be great to see those threads of impact in some kind of overview in the branch, while working on that branch or in its review-screen.
Also the “see all branches”-screen might then have to be more powerful and maybe show a list of ALL branches over multiple projects.