Vertical alignment of text in objects

Yes please add this! I’ve somehow magically enabled it in some text boxes, and not in others.

+1 here as well!

+1000 for this feature, in particular when moving FigJam files to FigDesign mode - its just centered, with no option to change it to align top…

+1 here. Was confused/surprised that it wasn’t already present.


+1 – can’t believe this doesn’t exist. It’s NECESSARY.

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Agreeing with all of above. This is a surprising gap, and now I’m spending more time figuring out how to change my envisioned diagram to accommodate this, and less time on thinking through the actual content I need to communicate. Very basic, even powerpoint does this.

Please add this!

+1! It forces me to switch to Figma instead of FigJam!

+1 It is a must

Definitely needed! Just had another person come to me asking how to do it.

VP of Product here leveraging my awesome designer’s tools to do some org design … everything was awesome until I discovered I couldn’t align top!!

+1 I shouldn’t need to make extra text areas to align

+1 Please Figma, please.

Incredible. It’s 2024. Get it done yesterday.

Yes, this is a problem. +100

+1 - This would be great!

+1 Yes please!

+1 need this functionality please

+1 on this as well from an engineering perspective. Would make technical diagrams, which have existing visual language requirements, much easier to draw!

Please, this is easy and powerful.