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Vertical alignment of certain fonts not working

I’m having some issues vertically aligning my chosen font with icons - as you can see from the screenshot, the text’s bounding box doesn’t put the text in the center. I read through the Figma article from 2019 explaining their new way of interpreting baselines and the vertical centers of text, so I feel I’m doing it right, but it’s still off, as you can see. Do you guys have any idea why, or is the font chosen just not set up correctly?

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Hi, I’m facing the same problem of vertical alignment of some fonts having baseline spacing that it won’t align to center to the buttons. Each time I have to manually adjust the spacing… it’s frustrating and annoying. Please @Figma fix this problem or provide us with some solution.


Workaround (not working with icons inside frame):

Please @Figma look into this. I had the problem in the past (with a couple of fonts) and now having it again with the font ‘Calibre’. The misalignment messes with all of the component paddings and I’d need to go into every individual component trying to do a “manual alignment”.


I found multiple complains on the web about this and no answer from Figma (a couple of examples below). Please look into it.

  • Old Spectrum forum post titled " Weird font line height / em box?!"
  • Old Spectrum forum post titled " Font Calibri vertical-align in line-box"

Hello @Figma_Support can you please provide a fix for this ?

It’s a true pain since my client’s font is ITC Avant Garde Gothic W1G and the same problem occurs.