Version History: Allow Client Access for Review/Comments

Problem: Designers need a better way to organize the versions of their designs in order to keep a clear, organized history of the design process.

Current Situation: Each time we receive feedback on the designs for a project, we create and label a new page. Depending on the project this could be 10+ pages with only slight variations and no where to leave notes. Not to mention depending on how the file is organized links can get messy very quickly.

Proposed Solution: Leverage the existing Version History tool so users have a designated place for each iteration or round. Allow designers to share out a link that will allow stakeholders to comment for a certain period of time after a review. Once that time is up and all comments are captured, the entire team will have access to this version for reference. (Comments will remain with each respective version for reference).

Hey Zach,
Thanks for your feedback! We’ll pass along to our team for consideration.