Verification Required?

Hi There, I am unsure of what the verification required is, it’s from the Education team. I am not a student or Educator but a founder of a company. what are the next steps please as it said I cannot edit my Figma app file after July 13th ?Thank you.

Hey @Taylor_Brown, thank you for reaching out! Did I get it right, you’re trying to help your education team (consists of students or education) to get verified for the education plan?
Are you currently on the education plan? If so I’d recomment reaching out to

To verify your education status:

  1. Log in to Figma using the account you want to verify. If you have a school-issued email address, we recommend using this address.

  2. Visit the Education status application page:

  3. Select Student, Educator, or Administrator.

  4. Select the type of institution you attend or work for.

  5. Enter the reason you’re applying for education status.

  6. Search for your school in the What’s your school’s name menu. If your school isn’t listed, select School not listed to enter details of your school:

  • The full name of the school. For example: Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
  • The school’s website (URL). For example:
  1. Select your primary field of study or instruction.
  2. [Higher education or bootcamp only] Upload a copy of your course schedule, confirmation, or syllabus.
  3. [Higher education or bootcamp only] If you’re a student, enter your expected graduation date.
  4. Agree to the terms and click Submit.

You can find more information here: Verify education status.