Vector don't fill inside an autolayout

I have two vectors. One with closed shape (Vector 240 ), another just a stroke (Vector 241).
By inserting them into an autolayout, there is a different icon in the layer:


And when trying to apply the property to Fill Container, Vector 241 does not allow:

What may be happening? Do I need to do something first with the 241 vector?

Converting to outline is not an option because when doing this the size of the vectors are different.

Ah it looks like you have it marked with absolute positioning. You can change this setting in the properties panel here (in the top right):
CleanShot 2023-08-23 at 08.15.57@2x

Hi Josh. I found it here. That’s right.

I realized that when it is with absolute position it does not allow to apply Fill Container, but I managed to put Scale in the Contraints and worked as I expected.


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