Variants -> Moving a variant within its boundaries still takes it out of the variant

This is really annoying, I’m decoupling variants without noticing it. It usually happends when I multi select a few variants and move them within the boundaries of the variant component, it will take them out of the mother variant and just make them stand-alone components, without a single hint. I’ll usually notice too late and have to undo alot of work.

Hey @Sanne_Meijer
I get your point.

To avoid manually adjusting the child component, I recommend adding auto-layout to the mother component.

vice versa, your components did not pop out as stand-alone components.

Thanks Jaydip, yes I tend to do that, but sometimes I have multiple rows and columns of the variant, and the autolayout doesn’t have the flexibility to break to a new line on a specific count to create such a layout, in this scenario I will usually just disable auto-layout and position manually :slight_smile:

ohhh understood :v:

In this case, Figma should include a component lock that prevents individuals from exiting.
Also, it is helpful if they can add an auto-layout option to child components so we can arrange them as a group.

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I’ve noticed this generally happens when selecting variants and a layer outside the frame, a label for example. If you do this any movement will decouple the variants.