Variant image would not cha

Basically, I am working on an interactive component with variants. I have an instance in which I want to change the image. While the default variant changed, the hover state doesn’t change to the new image applied (it still has the parent component’s image)

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Okay, thank you for this. Case in point, the image on the left is on a master component. On this component, I made the default and hover with the overlay. I saw a video that I followed strictly. It didn’t seem to work.

Please check this out

I assume that your overlay is not a separate layer, but an additional fill.

Could you share a link to the file? This will allow anyone to see the structure of the component and help to understand the reason.

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Yes, you are correct. It is an additional fill. Not a separate layer

Your comment on it being an additional fill prompted me to make a separate layer instead and it worked just as I intended. You rock!
Thank you very much

Hi, can your share the solution within a Figma file ? Because I still don’t know how you fixed it. :slight_smile:

Hi. Saw this quite late, sorry. I wonder, do you have a fix on it or would you still like me to share a file?