Variables on font sizes

I would love to see this! Variables are extremely helpful and this almost completely allow us to transfer to variables so we can just export the whole variables for our developers!

Just waiting for this and gradient support :slight_smile:

Any news about that?

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This is a basic need for any design system. Responsiveness is hell without it.

Please add!! :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Would be a game changer for sure. Go for it and count me in! :wink:

this is needed immediately. a large design system suffers because of this.
But you need to go even further and assign not only the font size but add a new type of variable - text style. this will solve a lot of problems.
where you can apply not only size, but also indentation, font, boldness, etc.

This would be a great addition!! :pray:

Any news? Do you have an ETA? We are trying to make decisions on how to set up the typography tokens for a large DS and knowing when the typography variables will be ready would help us a lot.


Same here, we really need an ETA. We build a DS and this feature is really missing to make some critical choices. Please let us know :pray:

It appears that support for typography as variables is on the horizon, according to this LinkedIn post
Event is planned for April 16 :crossed_fingers:

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