Variables have disappeared

I’ve just spend AGES creating loads of variables and applying them throughout my file, and all of a sudden they’ve pretty much all vanished.

I had loads of number variables set up for sizes, and being used throughout my document, and now there’s only one left in each group.


There are some screenshots from before (I’ve saved it in another file already).

And what it looks like now (all but one vanished under font size and line neigh.

The styles I’ve got set up seem to still be referencing the values though? How do I get them back!?

Apparently I can only add one image. This is before.

Hi @Naomi_Adkins, Thanks for reaching out. I completely understand how you’re feeling about this situation.

Are you able to confirm when the last time you remember those variables being available in your file?
If you can pinpoint that, I’d suggest restoring a version of the file from before that date/time to see if the variables reappear. (If needed, you can always revert to a later version of the file afterward.)
For detailed instructions on how to do this, please check out our guide here: View a file’s version history

Hope it helps! If I overlooked anything, please let us know.
Additionally, if anyone has any additional suggestions, please share here.

Thanks again for reaching out.

Thank you for the reply @Junko3 - I’d created all the variables & begun using them, then when I stepped back to my file about an hour later they had disappeared.

I’m still not sure what happened, I checked through the version histories but nothing re-appeared in those unfortunately, it was like they’d never existed. I needed to get on with working so I ended up re-creating them and re-referencing in the file.

I’m just really hoping it doesn’t happen again!

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Hi @Naomi_Adkins, Thank you for getting back to us, and I’m sorry to hear that restoring from the version history didn’t work out. I truly appreciate the effort you’ve put into recreating those items.

If you encounter a similar problem in the future and are unable to retrieve from the version history, please reach out to our support team for further assistance:
When reaching out, please make sure to:

  • Use your Figma account Email.
  • Add as an Editor to the affected file (this won’t affect your billing at all) and send the direct link.

Thanks again for your cooperation and understanding.