Variable cursor in prototypes

This was a great suggestion! Thanks.

I did the same and just used the “close overlay” link option. I suppose that won’t ‘always’ work, but unless you are IN an overlay, it seems like it would.

Still…get it together Figma! These are basic needs.

Looking forward to this! Sensible defaults would be great when you add an interaction.

@Schiller_Abendzeit have a look into this maybe it will help.
Link: Amazing Cursor Follow Animations in Figma! 😲 — Figma + Spline | Design Weekly - YouTube

would ideal, for example… if you create a disabled button, you can change the cursor to forbidden símbol :slightly_smiling_face:


This would be great!

It would also be helpful for making entire components targets to indicate that you can select something without producing a hover state.

+1 - would really love this feature, to properly mimic browser behavior - ie. when hovering disabled buttons.

+1 This would be a really nice-to-have feature! Even adding the disabled cursor for “disabled” elements would be fantastic.

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Agree. I was also looking for that feature.

+1 I’d also appreciate this a lot

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+1, really would be helpful for evaluating microinteractions.

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I just went back into Figma to see if this was possible, and was disappointed it was not :frowning: This would be super useful.

Just the thing I need right about now - @Figma_Support please make it possible.
Or ist there a work around like image follow cursor or something?
Thank you :pray:t3:

+1 Would love to have this functionality.

There are basic interactions that I can’t mimic in prototypes like hovering on disabled buttons/fields and clicking into a text input field. It would be nice to control the cursor state to build these affordances in at the prototype level and to better help convey the actual interaction while in user testing.

Please add this! :pray:t3:

It’s a very flawed assumption that everything clickable should get the finger pointing cursor :point_up_2:t3:

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Please add!

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+1 Please add this. It will make prototypes feel more realistic for certain interactions.

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It is VERY HARD to run UX testing and research without the ability to change the cursor on hover for key capabilities like drag and drop, click-drag to change size, etc. It also makes it difficult to communicate visually with developers about the desired cursor interactions.


Jesus yes. +111111

Uhm… how is this not in Figma yet… coming from April last year… a toggle… cmon figma…