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Variable cursor in prototypes

Currently, in prototype the cursor appears to be either ‘pointer’ (for everything) or ‘hand’ (if a click interaction set up on an element). I would like to be able to change this to a text cursor, when hovering over an input field in my proto. Affordance is a very important part of UI so surprised theres no way to do this? Of course can hack it by adding an image of a cursor, but then you end up having that plus the actual cursor on screen & it makes things worse. Should be an easy feature to add and would be very much appreciated!


This would be huge. I have been working on projects that rely on cursor changes on hover.

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Agree. It feels like most prototyping tools are optimized for mobile where no hover effect exists - but there are still a lot of desktop applications in the world that rely on hover + cursor change. This would be really huge I even would like to have a fully customizable cursor.

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Is it possible to change the cursor entirely and apply color blending effects? For example: Turing the cursor into a circle which wherever it hovers above has the complementary colors shown.

Not currently, but these types of enhancements are what we’re talking about!

Yes. I was just wondering if there’s a way to go around this. Hopefully they’ll consider adding this very soon.

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