Variable bug - properties malfunction with variables applied

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a problem I’ve been facing with a button component that has variables applied to it. The issue arises when I try to change an instance’s size property. Instead of resizing to the predefined values set in the component, the button glitches and resizes to a different size altogether. However, when I remove the applied variables from the components, the instances behave normally.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?

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Hi @Dovydas_Feigelovicius
We are facing the same issue in a project right now. We are using variables for auto-layout spacing. Changes made to the component don’t apply to any of the instances unless we manually change their heights to fixed. Extremely annoying.

I can’t understand how things like this don’t get noticed by Figma. Things seems to get shipped without thorough testing. This is the second major bug we have experienced with Figma the last weeks. Obvious mistakes that they completely miss.

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