Using Figma Designed Widgets via "Code Snippet"

Hey All,

Brand new here and I had a quick question. I am using a third party platform that provides widgets “out of the box” but do to limitations I have begun branching out to look at tools like Figma and Webflow to design and move code into this third party site using a “Code Snippet” tool that allows me to “Add Custom CSS, HTML JavaScript, Markdown or PlainText” to a page wherever the snippet is pasted. Basically I can paste code in to get it to show up. However this has not been my experience so far with Figma. I have tried a few recommended plugins to convert my project to code to be pasted but have continually failed to get the design to render as it does in the preview within Figma.

Are there any suggestions for plugins or perhaps other tools that might be better suited for my use case? I would really appreciate any help!

Thank you,

  • Cody