User Story Card Template

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can help out or point me in the right direction to answer something.

Im creating User Story cards and combining this with the MOSCOW method so I have 4 cards:

  1. Must have
  2. Should have
  3. Could have
  4. Will not have

Cards 1-3 will have:
As a …
I want to…
So that…

Rather than using a Miro board we want to be able to use Figma so collaborators and add as many of the cards they want and edit the content above with what they want.

I have added placeholder text which will be the editable parts, and used Auto Layout to tidy it all up.

My issue is that when someone adds more content to an area than is already there, it overlaps the boundary of the coloured background or overlaps the content above it.

Is there a way using autolayout to allow for the separate content boxes to move/size according to the content within it. Like a traditional

in html.

Any tips and tricks would be great!



Hey Chris, I’s suggest checking out this community file explaining how Auto Layout works. I’ve found the following steps in the community file. Please let me know if you’re stuck on a step.