Usability issues with the new interactions pop-up menu

This is about the new interactions pop-up menu that appears when you create an interaction noodle, or when you click an existing noodle.

The pop-up menu appears near where you clicked, but it often obscures the components or noodle you’re connecting, so you can’t visually check that what you’ve done is right, or it means you have to move the menu out of the way to work on things it’s blocking.

Or sometimes if you are clicking on a noodle or setting an interaction near the bottom of your display, the menu gets cut off below the viewport, and you have to move it.

Then moving the pop-up menu is finicky too. I instinctively try to grab it by the top left or top middle, but there is a drop down menu’s touch target that I often accidentally click instead.

I’m a fan of the pop-up menu because it means I don’t have to keep going to the right panel, but I’m hoping how it appears and how to move it could be improved.