Urgent Help Needed: Components Not Syncing Properly

Dear Figma Community,

I am facing a major issue with syncing components in a Figma file, and I’m hoping someone here can help me out. I have a file that is not syncing properly when I make updates to the component library. Specifically, when I publish changes, the review changes prompt appears, but when I click “Update,” not all instances of the component are updated. This is happening for multiple components.

After some investigation, I noticed that in the libraries for the current file area, the component library I’m using keeps getting unchecked. This is a significant problem because both the library and the file I’m working on are quite massive and complex, so creating new files is not really an option.

I have tried everything I can think of to fix this issue, but nothing seems to be working. If anyone has experienced a similar problem or has any suggestions for how to fix it, please share your insights. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Isaac, thank you for flagging this! I’d recommend you to reach out our support team. They will be able to help you out here.

I’m facing the same problem and it’s making me quite tired to find a quick solution especially in the time when I need to quickly edit my design to update the times for the Dev team.
Can anyone support me, pls? :frowning_face: