Upgrading to Organisation is a mess - solution?

Hey Figma community, I’m trying to upgrade a professional account with 4 editors to an Organization account with 3 editors.

All 4 pro-editors are annual paid members until 29th December 2023.

I removed 1 editor, and now have 3.

When upgrading, the billable will be to a full year: 3 editors x 12 months x $45 = $1620

Why is this not getting pro-rated, based on the fact I have a professional annual subscription? Or in other words, a discount of 3 editors x 5 months x $12 = $180

Is it expected to simply lose on the upgrade? That’s a 15% hit on the total price.

What happens to the 4th Pro seat that has already been paid for? Can he still participate?

I’ve asked support but largely been ignored.

Anyone has experience here? Thanks!

Hey @Luke.svg thanks for reaching out! For all account/billing related questions/issues our support team should be able to help you directly. I found your ticket in our system and I can promise you that you’re not being ignored, we just haven’t gotten to your ticket yet. I’ve gone ahead and left a note on it though and you should hopefully receive a response soon.

Thanks :blush:

Got it!

FYI for anyone reading, you get refunded on the remaining balance from your professional account.

PS: Apparently, I forgot to send the support request before, so that’s why I believed it didn’t get replied on. Public clarity that it got replied :slight_smile: Thanks guys.

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Happy to hear you got it all figured out! :blush: