Updating Components to Library Causing Prototype to reset everything in it

Hi! I am newer to libraries but I understand components fairly well in how to build them, etc.

We have some complex prototypes that we use components for (children of the parents)

From my understanding, updating library components should not change the children components’ changed text or hidden layers (overrides), and the children of the updated component should maintain the changed property in the given variant it came from.

Could someone explain to me why when I make a small change in my parent components and push the change to the library, that the children all reset to the first property in the variant and all my text resets? Any help would be appreciated.

All of my layers are the same names and synced up in the children to their parents.


I have the same problem, but i think i detected a pattern: it’s due to the complexity of my components. Whenever an element is ‘touched’ by an edited subcomponent (e.g. different grouping, changed properties or booleans) it will lose its overrides when updating.

I have grids of cards in 5 different variants, that are reused in different page components.

Whenever I update something in a subcomponent used in the layout of a single card - all components are reset, except for the elements that were not affected (for me the image and the cta and the card container itself).

It’s causing me headaches and a lot of manual work, even when I’m making duplicates before every pull. I would be helped by more granular control - ‘locking’ certain overrides would be ideal.

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I would love some sort of locking scheme as well. It sounds like you and I are working similarly and your hypothesis may be the case. I am reaching out to support to see if there’s anything that could be fixed, as this should not be such a headache. Yay for complex components :sweat_smile:

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