Unwanted White Space above Header in Prototype

So I have looked for solutions to this and I am not sure why mine is not being fixed. I have a header bar, on one page of my prototype it looks fine, there is no small section of white space at the top of the page. As soon as I copy and paste the component onto another page, there is white space at the top of the pages. It happens to every single one except the initial page I copied them from. I checked to make sure no elements were outside of the page that would cause this unless I missed them, I am at a loss.

Hey Autumn, thanks for reaching out!

Sub-pixels are usually the cause of unwanted white space. Can you please ensure that your pixels on your initial page are a whole number?

This has been a successful fix for other users who have encountered similar issues.

Thanks for the response. I went through my header components and I did find some items that were not whole numbers, so I changed that. But it still seems to not be fixing the problem. Would any item on the entire page not being a whole number contribute to this? I will keep looking through and see if I can find any more sub-pixels.

Hey Autumn, yes - that’s right. Anything that is not sitting on whole pixels can be affected. Our team is working on a fix to help prevent this issue all together, but until then, your best bet is to double-check existing items and/or ensure snap to pixel grid is checked.