Unstable svg export in branching workflow


I recognize that what I bring is to be very detailed. But I am detecting that when I work with branches small modifications occur in the svgs that cause me hundreds of changes when comparing exports between branches.

The process I follow to make this happen is simply:

  1. Open a branch in my icon file.
  2. Make X change (I don’t know which one, but they are changes that don’t impact the icons that have the instability).
  3. Review by my team
  4. Merge
  5. Export with my automation

In this PR you can see the exchange rate I am referring to. The expected in this PR is that there are only two changes chip-sim-card-filled and chip-sim-card-light. The rest of the changes are those small instabilities caused by branching.

Any ideas? Is it a Figma problem? I think yes :frowning: