Unpublishing Outdated Components

Hi I’m wondering if anyone has a good pattern for unpublishing outdated components.

Button v1.0 is rebuilt as a new component ❖ Button v2.0.
Button v1.0 name and description are updated to indicate that there is newer version eg 🔄 Button v1.0 (old) and the component is published.
If I unpublish the component now, any clients that haven’t accepted the update yet will not get the update at all.

Anyone have pattern for dealing with this type of scenario?

I republish the old component while being really annoying about it. The old component is moved to a page called Deprecated, renamed to something like “Button :no_entry_sign: deprecated :no_entry_sign:,” and the description is rewritten to tell them to “:stop_sign: stop using this old component :stop_sign:” and where to find the new one. Later on after after everyone’s gotten the news I go in and unpublish the old one.

Edit: Oh and I do the whole “fill it with pink” thing just to be crystal clear that the old component is no longer usable.

Okay yeah this is pretty much the process we’re currently doing, was hoping there might be some newer approaches. Thanks for the response