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Unlocking multiple objects at once

An option to click and drag to select multiple locked objects would be very useful.

Having to click on each of them is too time consuming, I just had to start a project from scratch because of that.

This is very much possible, same as with hiding layers. just click on the first lock icon then drag down holding mouse1 down as you drag. This works fopr both locking and unlocking objects in the layers list.

Thanks Sebastian, but that doesn’t work for me.

The ‘Lock and unlock objects in FigJam’ article says it’s not possible:
“Note - Bulk selection via click and drag does not include locked objects”.

Hmm that is odd. Could it be as you are sitting on the webbrowser? I am using the desktop client and it works fine here. Could see it being a slight issue in browser version though.

I’ve tried using the client, it doesn’t work.

Maybe we are talking about different things? As I said, the official answer from Figma is that this functionality is not available.

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Oh I’m sorry~! I somehow COMPLETELY missed that you were in Figjam! I just looked in normal Figma! But yes, in figjam it’s not possible at the moment :frowning:

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Hey All,

Thank you for your feedback! You can officially unlock all objects using the quick actions shortcut (⌘+/ or Ctrl+/ for Windows) to search the option to “Unlock all objects.”

More info here: 🛠️ 32 Little Big Updates