Unable to open links in Desktop app via Safari

Hi there,

I’ve just switched from Chrome to Safari as my default browser. Unfortunately I can’t get Figma to play nice following this change.

Previously with Chrome I set it up so that links were opening up in the desktop app. However, now with Safari the links only open up in the web app, rather than being redirected to the desktop app.

More so, the option of opening the file in the desktop app is no loner there. And of course, no dialog pops up when opening a link asking me if I want to open it in my desktop app. Instead, the web app only shows the ‘Get desktop app’ option.

I’ve tried logging out from both the desktop and the web apps, reinstalling the Figma app and restarting my computer. Nothing seems to be working.

Does anyone know, is this something I can fix or is Safari not supported for opening files in the desktop app?

Many thanks,


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I am having the same issue. I have uninstalled Figma and reinstalled after a full restart and tried looking in the browser version of Figma (Safari). No matter what I do, the option is not there anymore.

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