Unable to load font variant for a specific font

I’m workig on Typescale Garden Import Tool, specifically on my plugin’s font import.

I’ve found a couple fonts like Space Grotestk SemiBold

This is the format of all font variants I’m requesting (they all work but SemiBold)

{"family":"Space Grotesk","style":"Light"}
{"family":"Space Grotesk","style":"Regular"}
{"family":"Space Grotesk","style":"Medium"}
{"family":"Space Grotesk","style":"SemiBold"}
{"family":"Space Grotesk","style":"Bold"}

This is the load error when calling

The font "Space Grotesk SemiBold" could not be loaded

This is the error when trying to create the text style for the font that failed

in set_fontName: Cannot use unloaded font \"Space Grotesk SemiBold\". Please call figma.loadFontAsync({ family: \"Space Grotesk\", style: \"SemiBold\" }) and await the returned promise first."

The code for the plugin is available here at it’s monorepo under the plugin folder

Thanks for your support,
Best regards!