Unable to get rid of 'Ready for Dev' tag

I have a page on my Figma with a “Ready for Tag” on it but upon inspection there are no sections marked with that tag.


I have tried enabling and disabling the tag on all the sections in the page but I am still not able to remove it.

Has anybody else faced this issue and is there a solution for it?

Hey @Mayur_Shashiprakasha, thank you for reaching out!

I’ve flagged this with the team and they would like to investigate further, are you able to share a file link? Feel free to send me a DM if you don’t want to share it on the Forum. Alternatively, I can create a support ticket for you.

Also could you confirm if there was a frame you converted to a section or a section converted to a frame on the page?

Please let me know how you would like to proceed.


Hello Gayani,

Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the link to this page as it contains proprietary information.

I am not the sole owner of the page but I think, I can confirm that we did convert a frame to a section. I did try to ungroup the section and create a new section out of it but it didnt work

Thank you for confirming! No worries, that’s totally understandable. I’ve raised this with the team and they’ll give you an update soon. Appreciate your patience.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!

Hi @Mayur_Shashiprakasha, apologies for the delayed response! The engineers have rolled out a change which should hopefully help with this.

Once you navigate to the page with the green status icon next to it, the status icon should disappear if there’s nothing ready for dev in that page. This behavior depends on whether you are an editor on the file, or a viewer:

  • If you are an editor, you and everyone else collaborating on the file should see the status get removed.
  • If you are a viewer, the status will disappear only for the duration of your session.

After that, you should still be able to add/remove status as normal and the indicator next to the page should update accordingly.

Please give it a try and let me know if the page ready indicator gets “repaired” once you navigate to that page.

Oh yes! I was able to get rid of the “Ready for dev” tag.

Thank you so much for the assistance :smiley:

If you ever require my assistance, I would be delighted to give back to the Figma community.