Unable to find the Uninstall option for Figma plugins

In previous version of Figma, we were able to easily uninstall the plugins by just right-clicking on the plugin name from the list and clicking on the “Uninstall Plugin” button. Ever since the new update came out, they disabled the Action menu for the plugins. Now, I can’t even uninstall boring/faulty plugins that I installed.

Can anyone please tell me where they hid the Uninstall button so I can remove those plugins?

You cannot install plugins because:

If you saved plugins, then you can remove them from saved ones. Read more in the Help Center article:

If you mean recent plugins:

So, when I open/install a Figma plugin file by clicking on the “Run” or “Try it out” button Figma doesn’t actually install the plugin but instead, it saves the plugin in my local storage?

I see there are two lists, “Recent Plugins” and “Plugins”.
The “Recent Plugins” should be saved in my local storage and I shouldn’t be able to uninstall plugins from that list as it makes sense.

What about the “Plugins” list? Shouldn’t I be able to uninstall plugins from there?

Running any plugin, it is added to the browser/app’s Local Storage, but is not saved to the Figma account.

As I already answered you, plugins do not require installation, so they cannot be uninstalled, because they simply cannot be installed.

You can only remove recent plugins by clearing the browser/app’s Local Storage, as I also wrote earlier.

And again:

Or follow this link to manage saved plugins in your Figma account: https://www.figma.com/settings/plugins

I understand the solution, but the persistent “Recent Plugins” section is still burdensome. Figma engineers are confusing the technical implications with how it should be presented to the end-user.

Plugins should work similarly to how one bookmarks a website, you either have it bookmarked or not. It should be that simple!

No, there is still no way to remove a previous used Plugin. Look at my example, I have “Page Organizer” loaded under my Plugins tab yet I do not have it saved. So how tf can I remove it from the drop-down menu?

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 11.52.25 AM

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 11.52.46 AM

Please read the thread from the beginning.
In short: Clear your browser/app’s Local Storage.

Thanks @tank666, incase anyone is wondering how to clear the app storage: