Unable to find the Uninstall option for Figma plugins

In previous version of Figma, we were able to easily uninstall the plugins by just right-clicking on the plugin name from the list and clicking on the “Uninstall Plugin” button. Ever since the new update came out, they disabled the Action menu for the plugins. Now, I can’t even uninstall boring/faulty plugins that I installed.

Can anyone please tell me where they hid the Uninstall button so I can remove those plugins?


You cannot install plugins because:

If you saved plugins, then you can remove them from saved ones. Read more in the Help Center article:

If you mean recent plugins:

So, when I open/install a Figma plugin file by clicking on the “Run” or “Try it out” button Figma doesn’t actually install the plugin but instead, it saves the plugin in my local storage?

I see there are two lists, “Recent Plugins” and “Plugins”.
The “Recent Plugins” should be saved in my local storage and I shouldn’t be able to uninstall plugins from that list as it makes sense.

What about the “Plugins” list? Shouldn’t I be able to uninstall plugins from there?

Running any plugin, it is added to the browser/app’s Local Storage, but is not saved to the Figma account.

As I already answered you, plugins do not require installation, so they cannot be uninstalled, because they simply cannot be installed.

You can only remove recent plugins by clearing the browser/app’s Local Storage, as I also wrote earlier.

And again:

Or follow this link to manage saved plugins in your Figma account: https://www.figma.com/settings/plugins

I understand the solution, but the persistent “Recent Plugins” section is still burdensome. Figma engineers are confusing the technical implications with how it should be presented to the end-user.

Plugins should work similarly to how one bookmarks a website, you either have it bookmarked or not. It should be that simple!

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No, there is still no way to remove a previous used Plugin. Look at my example, I have “Page Organizer” loaded under my Plugins tab yet I do not have it saved. So how tf can I remove it from the drop-down menu?

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 11.52.25 AM

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 11.52.46 AM


Please read the thread from the beginning.
In short: Clear your browser/app’s Local Storage.

Thanks @tank666, incase anyone is wondering how to clear the app storage:



I can’t believe this is how this works now.

I don’t ever use plugins but thought I’d try one out today.

I was hit with a screen that said the plugin is in testing and to email the developer for a key. Why is that even allowed in the public repository?

I tried to “uninstall” it but since plugins aReN’t iNsTaLlEd anymore they just sit in my list as if I own and use them or something.

I think ‘uninstall’, ‘remove’, ‘stop running’, and every other destructive action regarding a plugin in the UI are synonymous to the end user in this context. We want it removed from our vision until we add it again.

There’s a psychological aspect at play here as well. When we hit “Run” the plugin seems associated with our file/account forever with no way to remove it, and now it will always be “running” or “taking up resources” because we can’t “stop” it - it’s certainly taking up visual space it doesn’t need to.

The issue isn’t how plugins work now, they seem way more modular and easy to use in a project which is great, but the presentation and management is so poorly thought out.

Figma please keep the Adobe engineers away from your product! XD


Absolutely agree… this is such a confounding, backwards user experience. Simply don’t add plugins I have tried out once (and probably hated) to the main menu for plugins with now way to clean them out except wiping my app preferences with a terminal command. That this is the official “solution” is simply wild.


Thank you for raising this issue. I, too, encounter the same experience. I really want to remove my unused plugins but can’t find anywhere how to remove it. Turns out everyone is experiencing this. I should not have to run terminal command just to delete plugins! :weary:

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This is really confusing UX. As a user I don’t care if plugins are installed or not. I should not be bothered by inner workings of Figma. If a plugin is saved in the Local Storage there still should be an option on UI that clears the plugin from the Local Storage. Figma is for people who don’t necessary need to know what the Local Storage is.

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This absolutely makes no sense. Why would anyone want to keep a full list of plugins they dont use? Clearing out the local storage clears all of my plugins. No one asked for this “feature”. A simple (-) worked fine.

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How I remove this.

Is there any plan for this to be fixed? Just bizarre UX to have a menu full of items you can’t control.

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This is the first time in my entire IT career where “Downloading + Running” <> Installing. Its saving…

Semantics just because the developers were in a hurry and screwed up the user-experience to hide behind words when they easily could have just kept a list XML or just plain TXT to help users remove unnecessary clutter is ridiculous excuses upon excuses. Its just simply not just bad UX but frustrating non-UX from a software company that should know better.

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback. We hear you. I just passed these onto our internal team for future enhancements.


Researching this topic has shown that removing unwanted plugins has been a long-requested and summarily ignored issue.

Now that all the previous requests have been closed due to lack of adequate response, I’m going to open it again.

I would desperately love to be able to remove a plugin from my recent list. There’s no way to try a plugin without trying it. Once it has been tried, no matter how poor the plugin may be, it will remain in your recent list for eternity.

I’ve tried all the suggestions (clearing cache, clearing local storage, uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop app) and nothing will remove the unusable plugin from my list. Since it has the same name as a plugin that actually works, not being able to remove the clutter of failed plugins has become a significant nuisance.


@Scott_Ehly1 I’m hearing you – it’s not possible to clear the recent plugin list at the moment. The recommendation I have is to bookmark/favorite the ones you want to highlight in that list view.

I know it’s at the bottom of the recents list, so probably not the ideal place setting. Would switching the order (having bookmarked resources at the top above recents) be a good solution, in your opinion?

Well, that would certainly be better.
A preferable solution would be to see “Delete” show up in the ellipsis (…more options) menu one gets when hovering over each plugin.