Unable to Delete and Heal (Option Click) if you have (B) filled a vector

When in figma - if I create a vector with the pen tool (P) and then I add a fill to my vector (B) I am unable to delete and heal (OPTION CLICK) a vector point

If I create a vector and DO NOT add a fill and I delete and heal (option click) I CAN delete and heal a vector point.

I think it is expected behavior regardless of a fill or not in a vector in order to Delete and heal.

When I hold option the double arrow shows up instead of the minus sign when I am hovering on a point and I am in edit mode.

This is for FIGMA !! Not figjam

But @deepika3 same! Idk why the functionality changes at times in Figma It should just be option on a point (-) comes up not duiplicate if you are in edit mode.

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