Unable to copy/paste on iPad

Still no fix to this issue? Not being able to use shortcuts to copy is really messing up efficiency for me. Please fix :frowning:

How is this not available. Tried copy pasting a link from chrome and it didn’t work

Hey @Matias4,

Our team has been trying to get more info on the issue since May.

As we asked above, what OS are you using? How you are copying your image? Are you using the iOS share sheet, tapping “Copy”, switching back to the Figma application, and trying to paste into a FigJam board?

Please let us know any details, so our team can use it to reproduce and work on a fix.

Basically, when you try to copy an image (let’s say from safari). The image is on the clipboard, and then paste it - Hold down with the finger, the menu comes up, and then hit paste nothing happens.

Same issue that was described here - https://youtu.be/CwnSJ4MON3Y?t=250

Thank you, @Anul_Dev!

We’ll pass this onto our FigJam team.

Not working for me either. Just bought my iPad and solving this would make FigJam so much more attractive compared to competitors.

Tried copying images from website and from image lib. Works on other apps such as Freeform and goodnotes. Only thing that works is if i do the “long press cutout” in the images app and drag it over to FigJam.

iPad Air 5th gen
OS 16.4.1
PLEASE fix this


Reporting same issue on iPad and unable to copy paste images shapes etc. Help please.

Hey there, sorry for the trouble!

This is a bug that our FigJam for iPad team is aware of and tracking, but we don’t have a specific timeline we can provide on when a fix will be released.