Unable to copy/paste on iPad

Copy and paste no longer work while using FigJam on my iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation).

I’m unable to copy and paste objects on the canvas, or even text from another application onto the canvas.

It stopped working something like a couple weeks ago.


I have the same issue

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Same same. A fix would be great :pray:

Same here. 4th gen iPad pro.

Same here, cannot work on iPad because of that

Just using figjam on iPad for the first time and this is immediately a limitation to how I would use it. Massively reduces quick ideation. Plus one for a fix please!

Sup with this? not working for me either. Any help here Figma?

Same here, need to fix it

Same thing here. Figma on iPad is now pretty much broken and useless. Any idea anybody when this is going get fixed?