Unable to copy link to a component via shortcut

The thing is – there’s no way to quick copy link to selected component via shortcut (cmd+L). There’s no problem of copying link to selected frame, but components doesn’t seem to behave similar way. Is it intended or a bug?


Hello there

There is no way to copy the link of mother component, you can make an instance of it and then copy the link of that

It seems, this feature (CMD + L) is not yet completed .

if you take a look by right click (Copy/Paste as > Copy Link) or go to keyboard shortcuts, you can see there is no shortcut called (CMD + L), however it works correctly, If you do this manually, you can see that copy a component link will copy the page link too and not the other way around, It’s because you are copying a mother component

PS: I think, it is this way because of different plans of teams

I hope this helps you out.

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately copy link shortcut don’t work with instances either. But it’s a relief that it’s still possible to copy a component or an instance via right click.

However, I think that this behaviour should be reported as a bug, do you know how to do that?

Sure you can find it by clicking on the bottom right of the figma a question mark, then hit contact support. you should be able to find your way after that

If you don’t see it use shortcut (CMD + /) then search for Hide Help UI , and Enable it to add into Figma

Hope it helps you

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