Unable to change images/logo after conversion, please help!

Created a business proposal with dummy logo, footer designs, images etc, and converted to MS doc using a plugin (Copydoc). However in the doc, images, logos etc, stay till. I want each icon, rectangular shapes etc, to be separable in the doc. What should I do in the figma file to make it happen? Does exporting in some other format gives me the flexibility to play around with images and text equally?

Hey there @Haritha. Not too familiar with this plugin and how it works. I’d recommend reaching out to the plugin creator via their support contact first to see if this is something they can help with or advise on.

Thanks @Josh. Is there a inbuilt way in Figma to download such A4 sized docs with a mix of images, text to a editable format? If yes please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

You could try exporting as PDF and then bring that into a PDF/Doc editor. This would potentially give you editable text, but not images (at least I don’t think so). Is there a reason you need to edit outside of Figma? Could you set up the template in Figma, edit it, and then export to PDF or another format as needed?

Just throwing out some ideas. :slight_smile: