Typography Variables

Hi there, we’ve been using the Figma Studio plugin to build our design token systems. Its been really useful and provided a number of advanced features. However, with the native integration of variables in Figma we would like to make this switch. While I understand that variables are still at its infancy. Do we have a timeline of when typography variables would be released? Is it a 2023 thing or only next year?

Hi @Adriaan_Steyn ,
Thanks for your question. I’m glad you already got to use the new Variables feature! We made a reference to the timeline in our Config deep dive: Deep Dive: unlock design system scalability with variables - Luis Ouriach, Jacob Miller(Config 2023) - YouTube
The aim is to get this feature out by the end of the year, though there are no guarantees.

You can also check out the features that are coming soon here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406787442711-Figma-beta-features#variables , and keep an eye on our Release Notes. Thank you!

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