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Trying to add text (or an asset) on top of a layer doesn't work as expected

Steps to reproduce:
Get into text mode
Click on top of an existing layer or frame to set the insertion point.

New layer should be on TOP of the layer you’ve clicked on

Seems to put it within a random frame many layers down.

I have tried cmd-click the object and then “t” and then get the insertion point, but that doesn’t help.

The same issue applies to adding an asset. I’d expect it to go OVER the layer I drop it on.
But it goes to some random place many levels below.



I’m running into this too. For example, if I draw a rectangle on top of some background layers, and then try to insert text on top of the rectangle, the text input tool is highlighting the text layers in the background. In the screenshot, I drew the grey rectangle, and have the text tool selected…you can see that when I hover, it’s highlighting layers behind the rectangle. I figured this might have something to do with auto-layout, but still shows up if the background layers aren’t in auto-layout frames

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