Triggers are shifting in prototype after state change and moves the scroll position

I don’t know why the hotspots are shifting or if there is anyway to fix this.

The frame is set to scroll, but initially isn’t large enough to scroll at all. The flow goes through opening up dropdowns, which lengthens the frame, allowing it scroll. Moving to the next screen with the dropdowns closed again, suddenly the triggers are all messed up and no longer on the actual components they’re tied to.

I’m trying to help another student create the dropdown functionality, but now I’m also stuck on this weird bug.



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Found a solution actually… by renaming the frame they are contained inside, it works. I wish I didn’t have to do that though.

Hi Shawn,

I think I’ve run into the same problem as you. You mentioned that renaming your nested frames helped. I’m not quite sure what that means - can you elaborate on that part for me please?

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