Trigger an interaction on overlay close

I have a prototype for a user to click on an input field, enter an input with a keypad overlay, and close the overlay by making use of the close when clicking outside property.

I would like to trigger a set variable interaction when the user closes the overlay. Is this currently possible?

I have also tried applying a close overlay interaction to the parent frame on click along with the set variable interaction, but this doesn’t seem to allow the user to close the overlay by clicking away from it.

Hey @jfdux – checked in with the support team on this. I don’t think this is possible at the moment. From what I understand on my end, the close when clicking outside can’t support multiple actions.

You should be able to achieve the “close overlay” and “set variable” actions together to close the overlay. This page may help provide more context conditions and actions overall:

If you’d like, you can have our support team take a look at the design you’re working with directly to see if they can provide an answered tailored to your specific work. You can do that here: