Фигма не видит шрифты

Здравствуйте! Столкнулась с такой проблемой: устанавливаю шрифт, при открытие программы заново шрифты горят желтым (не установлены), такая же проблема в браузере. Хотя на компьютере они установлены. И также установлен Font installers. Приходится каждый раз переустанавливать шрифты. Что посоветуете?

Hi @viktorica ,

There are a few causes for missing fonts:

  • Missing installed fonts: collaborators are using a local font, which you don’t have installed.
  • Conflicting versions: collaborators are using a different (older or newer) version of the font.
  • Missing font styles: Either the style was missing from a download, or you are using a different version of the font which doesn’t include that weight or style.

To edit an affected text layer, you’ll need to fix the missing font. There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Uninstall and remove the local font
  2. Download and re-install the font from one source
  3. Restart the desktop or browser app
  • Update affected layers
  1. Select a layer using that font
  2. Open the menu or open the quick actions menu
  3. Use Select all with same font to select all text layers with that font
  4. Use Recompute Text Layout in Selection to reset text to the correct formatting

Once you’ve tried the solutions above, try:

  • refreshing your tabs
  • logging out and back in
  • clearing your browser/desktop app’s cache
  • un-installing and re-installing the desktop app

Hope it helps!

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