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Tooltop/Dropdown Component expandable

Hello Figma forum,
I changed from Sketch to Figma, but i have some issues and i cant figure out how to fix some of the broken components from my Design system.

I have a Tooltop/Dropdown components, where the content-area can expand and the little arrow will stay fixed in the height, width & position. I can’t seems to get that to work with figma, can anyone help me out? I watch a bunch of videos without success.

You can see the Sketch to the left and Figma to the right? Even tho the content box i scaleable it doesn’t sat at the position :confused:

You need to put this triangle inside of the component and set its vertical constraints to Top.

It is. The main is the one to the right. The left is the one i try to expand

It’s hard to say what’s wrong without seeing the file. But if you put it inside and set the constraints to top it should work. The white box should have Top & Bottom vertical constraints.