Too much white space between fixed position button and the footer when scrolling


I’m at the stage of prototyping an app, but having problems with the fixed position element (request a quote button) when scrolling. It is fixing to the bottom of the screens fine when scrolling; however, I’m not understanding why there is white space between the ‘request a quote’ button and the “above” element (the footer) on a couple of the screens. Please see what I mean below:

If you play the expertise screen and scroll down, the ‘request a quote’ button sits flush with the footer above it. However, I
can’t figure out how to do the same on the ‘projects’ screen. All content (on both screens) bar the sticky top nav bar and status bar are in a frame.

Please help!



I guess you figured it out, both look the same to me?

I did work it out- thanks!