Toggle visibility of DevMode Annotations on the design side

The new DevMode annotations tool is Awesome!!! Having lots of annotations tends to clutter up the screen on the design side, however, and it would be nice to be able to toggle their visibility on and off like with comments or multiplayer cursors. I had assumed that hiding comments would hide these as well, but such is not the case.

Hey @Grayson_Price, thank you for your feedback!

You have the option to hide annotations:

  1. Click Main menu in the toolbar.
  2. Hover over View in the dropdown.
  3. Deselect Annotations.

You can find more information here: Hide annotations

Feel free to reach out if you’ve further questions!

Hi @Gayani_S, thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately that options is not available on the design side, it only shows up on the devmode side. My original post was a request to add this feature to the design side.

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Adding onto this — It would be great to have a way to easily toggle their visibility on and off, as well as see if there are annotations while they’re toggled off. Our engineers sometimes need to turn off the annotations to see the screen behind them, but will forget that they’re been toggled off and end up missing annotations throughout the file.

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