Toggle Switch

Hi good Afternoon, I just learned how to create a toggle switch for my design that came out really great but I ran into an issue. I want multiple switches on one page but how do I make the switches that are “OFF” stay off or disabled when I turn one of the switches “ON” once selected?

I don’t want multiple toggle switches to be selected at the same time. once you select one the other ones can’t be selected unless you unselected the one that is “ON”. Can anyone help me with any suggestions or advice?

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You can do it with variables that were just released if you want more control (requires paid plan). Otherwise, here’s a method using only component variants:


Thank you for your response and I do have a follow up question.

How am I able to do it with this kind of switch?

That’s just a matter of switch design. The possibilities are endless, and animating is easy with smart animate. This example is using the exact same logic:

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Wow I need to know how you did that?

You can open up the presentation that I posted and inspect the file.

I’m not seeing where I can inspect the file. I clicked the project but I don’t see that option. I apologize if I am asking such basic questions. I still have a lot to learn.

I think I found it

I still can’t figure this thing out lol

Where are you getting stuck?

On how to set the variable that selects and deselects each switch.

If you’re doing my method you don’t need variables. Just a component with as many variants as you have switches. Then add change to interactions between them like I’ve done. Inspect the file to see how the connections are made. What you’re seeing in the actual view is the component instance.


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