The top layer is not getting in front of the other

I created an autolayout and I’m placing one layer on top of the other, so I hope that the layer is in front of this one. That’s not what’s happening.
Even when I select the Bring to front option, it moves my layer below the other one. Anyone else having this problem?

Auto layout behaves a bit differently here. Normally you can rearrange your layers in the layers panel to set z-axis. With auto layout, the layer order instead defines the layout order.

For auto layout, by default, layers on the bottom of the layer list are on top/have the highest z-axis value on the canvas. You can invert this by selecting “First on top” for canvas stacking in the advanced auto layout settings.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much! I didn’t know about this option in autolayout. It worked for my project, thanks!!