The toolbar is missing

Unable to access the below toolbar in the Beta version. The toolbar disappears when the page loads. Other projects show the toolbar.

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You may have hidden the UI. Press Cmd/Ctrl + \ to show the UI.
Or use quick actions (Cmd/Ctrl + /) and write “Show UI”.

I tried showing the UI but it removes and adds other items on the top but not the toolbar. What’s confusing is some projects show the toolbar but others don’t.

I edited the topic category.
Could you record a video?

When I attach a video, I get an error new users can’t attach

Hi! I can’t see toolbar. And Show/Hide UI doesn’t help. Can you help me?


Hi! Nothing doesn’t help (((

I have no toolbar.

cmd+\ doesn’t work

Same problem. No toolbar and cmd+\ doesn’t bring it back.

Help please

I opened a template to try and work around the issue but when an element is selected the menu to manipulate that element is missing as well.

same problem. Please help

Hi Svetlana, I’m experiencing the same issue. After adding to this thread, I opened up a Get help report to accompany this Bugs report. I’m hoping the topic change will put this issue in another queue to get more attention.

If you have time to add your experience to the Missing Figjam tool bars and menus Get help report might help push the topic up in relevance.

Hello, I also have the issue on Chrome, on different boards. It works fine on Firefox on the same board, same computer.

Copying a bug report over to a new Get help item. The system doesn’t let me copy in a link to the bug report.

Yesterday new Figjam files were missing the toolbar. Today all old FigJam files do not have toolbars or manipulation menus (what pops up when an element is selected).

Facing the same issue here. I can’t see the creation tools toolbar anymore. I wonder if there is a shortcut or button to enable, so far couldn’t find it.

Same issue with me. It has been this way for about 2 weeks now. I thought I pressed a hotkey on accident but it may be a bug.

Just ran an update on Figma and my FigJam toolbar came back on all files.

The same issue for me.

The toolbar actually is off-screen. Add CSS bottom: 0px to the .delightful_toolbar--delightfulToolbarContainer--3PmwQ class to fix it.

I have checked the help document and can see what the toolbar should look like - but it’s nowhere to be found on my screen… please help…

I’m trying to change box colours and struggling with out it…

Many thanks