The images in my projects are not loading

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
I am unable to view the images that were previously in my projects. However, when I import a new image to the file, it opens properly. This issue has been occurring on both Figma’s app and browser since yesterday.

I have attempted to refresh and close-open the application, but the issue persists.

Does anyone have a clue about how I can resolve this?

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Yes I also have this issue. When I select the object the image loads but its only temporary and will not display again when reloading Figma or the file. Also, I cannot select hundreds of nested elements every time.

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Hi @dwnrdt ,
We believe this may been an internet connection issue. Other users have been able to fix the issue by restarting the server and DNS.
Can you please try restarting your router and DNS, and check if these then load OK?

If after restarting you are still running into issues, please reach out to the support team so they can investigate further: here

Hey @Celine_Figma, I already reached out to support. It seems to be an issue connected with third party plugins. Internet connection doesn’t seem to be the issue since my remote coworkers also encounter the same problem in the file.

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Alright, thanks for the update @dwnrdt !

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Hi @dwnrdt and @Celine_Figma!
I contacted the support team, and in my situation, after resetting the internet modem connection, I was able to view images in my files once again.

Thanks for your advice!
Best regards.


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