The component variables doesn't work well with multiple "on click" triggers

After setting up the button components with the “on click” action, it’s hard to add another “on click” to trigger the overflow.

Hey @Momo_Mo , thank you for sharing your feedback to the community.
Can you share a quick video recording to better visualise what’s happened on your end? Thank you!

@Celine_Figma Yeah, totally! I am sharing the loom video! Let me know if you can access it!

Re: The current solution is to create a new dropdown set every time! But it’s kind of annoying.

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Thank you for the detailed video! After checking internally, I confirm this is a feature limitation on our end. I’ll share your feedback to the team for consideration!

Thank you Celine! Yeah! This is such a pain. Thanks for flagging with the team! Truly appreciated!