The ability to identify low / no usage of variables

As our product grows and the design system and its tokens grow, we are finding ourselves in a position where the choice of variable is often not clear-cut. The management of a vast array of similar variables slows down our workflow and often ends up with the wrong variable being used and referenced in code.
Part of this might be due to the tokens getting out of hand but it would be really great if there was a way of identifying the usage of variables to see which ones don’t get used that often and which ones are never used. This way we could merge variables, delete them, etc. Going a step further, being able to scope to components or files where certain variables are used would be helpful too.

I know there is a design system analytics feature in the organization tier that we will soon be upgrading to when dev mode comes out of beta but I don’t know if this already exists in some form there.


Hi Jack, Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I will bring this up with our internal team for future consideration.

Design system analytics are available on the Organization and Enterprise plans, but there’s currently no option to present variables usage.
You can find more details here:

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